Bubble Skateboards is a brand that was created with the passion for skateboarding and desire to create unique items. Our skateboards are designed and fully manufactured in Poland that We are very proud of. Another reason to be proud of is the fact that We use recycled materials thus contributing to environmental protection.

The idea of creating a plastic cruiser skateboard brand came two years ago. From the beginning our goal was to make a skateboard that is fast and comfortable to ride on almost any surface. That's why We spent over a year on developing our wheels and We succeeded. We also made our skateboard extremely durable and because our deck is made of plastic, We decided to use recycled materials in production to help protecting the environment.

Our mission is to promote this wonderful sport, which is skateboard riding, protecting the environment by using recycled materials and a desire to show that there are truly unique and high quality items produced in Poland.​

Bubble Tech Specs

Deck: 22” x 5,9” made of recycled polypropylene

Trucks: 80mm injection molded high quality aluminum

Wheels: 59mm 78a high performance urethane

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